About Me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach, Writer & Mentor

I have a BA in Sociology and Human Services and a MA in Counseling. I have worked in human services for over 25 years and have been in private practice for 12 years. I am interested in health and holistic wellness, dance and movement, sustainable living and innovative designs and solutions.

I am a freelance writer and currently featured on TherapyToday.com

I am also a poet and have two published collections: "Let The Scaffolding Collapse" (Finishing Line Press, 2012) and "If There is a Center" (Art Juice Press, 2008). You can order them directly from me at my web store. For more info on my creative work, visit my Writing Blog.

My workshops are designed to use creative and therapeutic writing and collage as tools for centering, reflecting and for personal growth. 

My guided imagery audios are now available on Insight Timer. 


In Person Therapy or Coaching Sessions:

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to assess your needs. I accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and Paypal. Fee is due at time of service. 

I am able to accept some insurance including: Anthem and Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Rocky Mountain Health Plans and Medicaid, Tricare and others.

I am contracted with the following EAP services: Triad, ESI

Phone or Video Therapy or Coaching Sessions:

I am now taking advantage of phone and secure telehealth video counseling as a way to offer counseling services to my extended network of clients. 

These sessions are a great way to:
Get support in the comfort of your own space.
Avoid traffic, travel time and other hassles of getting to an appointment.
Take advantage of the fact that via phone therapy, you have access to a worldwide community of online therapists.

Laser-Focused Creativity Support Sessions:

I offer 30 or 60 minute consultations focused on identifying creative blocks and finding tools and skills to help you overcome creative inertia and gain confidence and flow in your creative work again. 30 minute session - $50 / 60 minute session $100

Well Writing Workshops:

I continue to create high quality, guided, soulful content intended to help you connect to your wise self and tap into your own healing potential. Well Writing is a 4 part series designed for individuals or groups. Home base is my studio in Cortez, CO. Online offerings include group work or individual support. Also, see My Store for poetry book, artists prints and other soulful offerings!

“My favorite Renee-ism is: ‘Find the opportunity in the crisis’. My experience with Renee has been one of authentic collaboration. She facilitates soulful introspection as well as sound theoretical insight. She is a mentor of the highest caliber!” – MT

“Renee excels in listening and then allowing the healing to begin. I can trust Renee to be what I need, when I need it. Sometimes, without knowing it, I need positive visualization, sometimes EMDR, and sometimes I just need someone to listen and then tell me what they hear I am saying . . . usually it is something good I have overlooked like, really accomplishing something. She reminds me that I am remarkable. I highly recommend Renee. -BT

“Renee is a gentle peaceful guide that helped me feel secure working and processing whatever came up. I always left her office peaceful and hopeful. She is a capable therapist and I felt confidence in her EMDR skills.” -C. M

“After a rough divorce and some other challenges, I spent a few years sporadically going to therapy and a life coach, but never really felt like I was able to resolve some core issues. Renee and her unique methods, including EMDR helped me to breakthrough some really big roadblocks, and make some big changes that I wasn’t able to do before. She’s very kind, patient and professional and is great at what she does.” – A.R.J.

“I was very hesitant to come and get counseling. When I finally came, Renee made me feel immediately comfortable. She has helped me to overcome my anxiety and depression, allowing me to just be happy again.“- JL

“Renee helped me start down the road to overcoming my anxiety and changing the way I live. The changes we made in just a few short months were more than I could have hoped for. I now believe I have the tools, understanding and outlook on life that will serve me well for the future.” – SP