Are you ready to let go of limiting patterns?

Would you like to reconnect to vitality in your life?

Do you wish to open up to new possibilities?

Get ready to engage at a new level!

A Little About Me


I am a licensed Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach and Freelance Writer/Author offering wholistic, integrative psychotherapy, coaching and workshops. 

I offer caring, compassionate support and focused guidance to help people come into balance with their own inner wisdom and self-healing abilities and to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

I believe optimal wellness comes from feeling connected to our essential nature within and to the larger world around us. I specialize in modalities that help you to find your own centered, wise self and to identify the opportunity for growth that is present in any life challenge.

Counseling offers a way to look at our lives with compassion, awareness and courage. This kind of support can help us deepen our trust in ourselves and in our relationships to others and to the world. When we identify and let go of outdated coping strategies, we are free to move forward in authenticity and empowerment.

Ready to identify blocks, clear the way and move forward on creative projects, life transitions or other areas of desired growth in your life? Coaching can help you get laser-focused on making the internal changes necessary to take new risks as well as identify the next steps on the path. 

Whether you are in a period of difficult transition or wanting to deepen your connection to your creative process and build positive resources, I provide a safe environment where your wisdom and needs are put first.


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