Enhance Your Creative Well-Being

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Current Offerings:

  • 4 Week Series of Facilitated Writing Salons at Desert Willow Wellness in Cortez, CO

Next series starts January, 2020. Email for more info and to reserve your spot.

  • Personal Well Writing Coaching: online or in-person!

    A group is not for you? Work with me individually! I can take you through the full 4 week series while attending to your specific needs.

A Well is a rich symbol for our writing life. In ancient times the Well was both symbolically, and often literally, located in the center of the community, allowing it to endure and thrive. Wells were often considered sacred, life giving and were tended to through ritual and ceremony. One might petition the well for healing, insight and inspiration. When we write, we are drawing from a deep well. We approach our feelings, thoughts, experiences and wonderings with a greater depth and intention. We write to discover more about ourselves, to find our wholeness, and for greater connection- to our own depth, to each other in community and to the great mystery of life. We write to be well.

In this ongoing facilitated series you will be introduced to multiple writing and journaling techniques to inspire your writing practice. Whether you are new to writing or journaling or a long time friend to it, there will be something to discover in a safe community of support and acceptance. No experience is necessary and encouraging guidance will be offered. This series is designed to be comfortable, fun and insightful. We will rotate through the following techniques:

Session 1: Intro to free writing and journaling using prompts that support self-discovery and self-expression. Taking the risk to write about our own wholeness is a way to embrace paradox and experience greater acceptance. Guided imagery practice on releasing critical inner voice that stifles our expression.

Session 2: Poetic form as a language of depth. Poetry lifts us beyond the limited self and into connection with our whole self and the wholeness of existence. Poetry allows us to make meaning of our experiences using symbols and archetypal themes. Guided imagery practice on finding meaning in our current experiences. Practice with simple poetic techniques such as metaphor, line break and structure.

Session 3: Collage and art journaling techniques are a way to combine visual imagery and written inspiration. We will use several techniques of working with visual images along with writing prompts and a series of inquiry questions to deepen insight into our creative process.

Session 4: Dream Journaling and Nature Writing are great ways to add a spark of interest to our lives and journals. Like poems, dreams and natural spaces speak to us in the language of symbol and metaphor and learning to listen to that language and find meaning can provide a way for us to be in deeper communication with our selves and with the larger mystery of life.

I am a published poet with two published collections: "Let The Scaffolding Collapse" (Finishing Line Press, 2012) and "If There is a Center" (Art Juice Press, 2008). My poems were nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2010 and 2011. My most recent publications include Mississippi Review, Boston Literary Magazine, FutureCycle Poetry, Caper Literary Journal, White Whale Review, The View From Here, RATTLE and SW Colorado Arts Perspective.

My workshops are designed to use creative and therapeutic writing and collage as tools for centering, reflecting and for personal growth. 

Our Creativity is Our Vitality!

I work with creative types including performers, artists, athletes, professionals and entrepreneurs to increase confidence, clear self-doubt and limiting beliefs and enhance performance to new levels.

EMDR therapy and mindfulness practices are great additions to your current training techniques and can clear negative beliefs that keep you stuck from getting to the next level in relationships or in your work. 

I also love to work with creative modalities such as therapeutic and art journaling in sessions and as take home assignments during your therapy process if desired. 

I also offer creativity support by phone for building confidence and gaining momentum in your creative process. 

My workshops are designed to use creative expression modalities such as therapeutic writing, art journaling, collage and poetry as tools for centering, reflecting and for personal growth.

The workshops are designed for everyone. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative type, but have wanted to experience the creative process, you will feel right at home.