I specialize in somatic therapy modalities that connect the mind and body for effective and lasting results at reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and other challenging life transitions. 

I believe optimal wellness comes from feeling connected to our essential, wise nature within and to the larger world around us. By connecting our mental awareness to our five senses in a mindful way, we can address and clear the negative thoughts and feelings that limit us and find a greater sense of ease and possibility.

EMDR is considered a somatic therapy because the mind and body work together to “desensitize” and “reprocess” negative experiences.
Other modalities I use include: Mind-Body Bridging, embodied experiencing, guided imagery and conscious movement. I have a personal background in mindfulness meditation techniques including Vipassana or Insight meditation.

My guided imagery audios are now available on Insight Timer. 

My articles on mind-body-connections techniques are available at TherapyToday.com.