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Enhance Your Creative Well-Being

Our Creativity is Our Vitality!

I work with creative types including performers, artists, athletes, professionals and entrepreneurs to increase confidence, clear self-doubt and limiting beliefs and enhance performance to new levels.

EMDR therapy and mindfulness practices are great additions to your current training techniques and can clear negative beliefs that keep you stuck from getting to the next level in relationships or in your work. 

I also love to work with creative modalities such as therapeutic and art journaling in sessions and as take home assignments during your therapy process if desired. 

I also offer creativity support by phone for building confidence and gaining momentum in your creative process. 

My workshops are designed to use creative expression modalities such as therapeutic writing, art journaling, collage and poetry as tools for centering, reflecting and for personal growth.

The workshops are designed for everyone. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative type, but have wanted to experience the creative process, you will feel right at home.